I’m Jane Phillips

Certified Medical Intuitive

Facilitating Your Natural Ability to Heal

What’s Holding You Back?

  • Recurring pain and anxiety that no one has been able to help you fully address?
  • A traumatic event that’s still running your life?
  • A pattern of negative experiences?
  • A phobia that’s blocking your success?
  • An inability to develop lasting relationships?

Transcend Traumatic Experiences

Reduce Your Pain & Anxiety

Eliminate Negative Thought Patterns

Improve Your Relationships

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If you’re struggling to move forward, something may be happening on a hidden energetic level that is blocking the flow of positive energies that would enable you to manifest your best outcome.

The solution: Jane’s processes help remove these energetic blocks. This incredibly powerful work aids in healing you at a quantum and deep cellular level, releasing your potential so you can find peace and joy.