“I am feeling really good, lighter, clearer, happier and less judgmental of myself and others…. And (my husband)  and (daughter) say I immediately looked different. I absolutely credit you with the change, as it goes straight to the day you did the (energy)  clearing. I am feeling relief from inner conflicts and more focused. Cheers to all that! I am so very grateful you gave me such a gift of renewal!”


British Columbia

“Thank you,  Jane, your work is wonderful.”

Jody T.

Portland, OR

“There’s been quite an uptick since then (our session last week) of “useful” people who have crossed my path &/or new contacts to whom I’ve been introduced… I’m thinking you removed some log jams!!”

Elizabeth P.

Tuscon, AZ

“Jane provides an outstanding service in all regards – professional, caring, competent/highly skilled, and generous in both time and spirit. the work we’ve done together has had huge results that I never would’ve imagined possible.”

Kathy T.

“I appreciate the attention to detail that Jane has, as I believe that healing starts with understanding what the causes of the problems are. Jane applies a multitude of ideas and techniques to understanding what needs to be done and gives each aspect a lot of personal thought and energy.”

Gretchen O.

“Jane was very helpful in helping me identify the context in which my physical injuries happened, even things I had otherwise forgotten. She moved very sensitively with me through these places and worked very directly with me to release obstacles to my healing.”

Patricia H.

“Jane is thoughtful, attentive, and has a wide variety of tools to back up her natural abilities. I felt well cared for and left with not only a great amount of information, but also some practices to implement self-care to keep the process and benefits moving forward.”

Susanne K.

“You gave me a cleansing. First and foremost, I want to thank you because whatever juju you do actually works! I can attest (to it)… and I feel really strange saying it …. because I’m a hardcore atheist, and I don’t typically believe in anything. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Katie N.

Rio Rancho, NM

I would say the tinnitus is better, but not totally gone. However, I know that it will be. It doesn’t own me and I don’t own it. Also, I was very inspired by the session.”

Patrick S.

Santa Fe, NM

“You can spend months or years in therapy to figure out an issue, or you can spend one hour with Jane and she can pinpoint the problem and point you in the right direction. I always feel such relief after working with Jane.”

Dena H.

“Jane’s always ‘right on’ for what I need or perceive. I always feel better when she finishes”

Heloise J.

“Jane Phillips is the real deal. Beyond her consistent professionalism, her mastery of all that is metaphysical is nothing short of remarkable! As they say, ‘Actual proof cannot be faked. Nor can it be denied.’ Quite simply: wow.”

Lucina S.

“Jane is a very uniquely gifted holistic healer. Jane was of great help for me while I was going through some severe (for me) discomfort, and I know now I would not have endured the situation without her.”

Kriss D.

I felt awesome following our session and from then on. I wanted to give you this feedback and to just say thank you for how awesome you are for continuing to add and explore therapies for our good. 

Mary S.

“Wow, I … feel really noticeably lighter and brighter.

(my daughter) and I were telling (my wife) how she LOOKED visibly different after her (energy) clearing, and this morning (my wife) said the same about me – that there was noticeably less tension around my eyes, that my face just looked happier and brighter and less tense.”


British Columbia

“I wanted to let you know that the ….. Academy is officially launched! Woo hoo! Thank you again for helping me get out of my rut and back on track to make this happen.”



“Jane’s energy clearing did more for me than I ever imagined possible. I never felt so clean. Jane’s knowledge of the spirit world and spirituality, of the paranormal are so advanced that each advice is priceless and saves me a lot of trouble”

Fan W.

“Multi-talented multi-dimensional philosophy and approach.
Unique and one of few on the planet with this level of mastery.”

Emily S.

“You helped me very much. My pain is way down after you worked on me today. I felt respected and that helped me trust you.”

Jan B.

“Jane is the most outstanding, kind, compassionate, caring, giving person I have ever encountered. There are not enough adjectives to describe my positive and beneficial session with Jane.”

Joannie B.

“Jane was warm, friendly, and professional. She was very clear about her practice and how it worked, listened deeply to my descriptions of what was going on and had solid suggestions for moving forward.”

Sue C.

Want to work with Jane, too?

“Jane has always been a wealth of great information and her healing energy has always been beneficial to me as I continue on my path of healing and rejuvenation.”

Gregory S.

“I felt heard and acknowledged as an individual.”

Mary K.