Jane Phillips integrates a variety of holistic, alternative healing approaches to help you release your potential and start living a healthier, happier life.

Helping You Achieve Lasting Change

Jane Phillips, CMI/CQP/CECP

Jane is a Medical Intuitive, Quantum Energy and Emotion Code Practitioner, Psychic Medium, Paranormal Investigator, Professional Dowser and more. Her unique gifts, extensive professional training and skill as a kinesiologist help her tailor each client session in a unique, personal way. 

She specializes in clearing energy on multiple levels for people, homes, businesses, and land.

  • Certification in medical intuition and quantum energy healing through Kim Seer, an internationally-known and highly-respected medical intuitive.
  • Advanced psychic training through Echo Bodine’s Center for Spiritual Development in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Emotion Code Certification from Dr. Bradley Nelson, Discover Healing
  • Certified Past Life Regression Facilitator through Julia Ingram

From her base outside of Bend, OR, Jane works’ remotely, with clients located across the country and beyond. Over the past 14+ years she has helped more than 2,000 people heal physical, emotional, mental, and other issues for themselves, their family members and even their pets.  She had cleared the energy of over 500 properties, including vacant land, for homeowners, business owners and property managers.


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Working with Jane

One of the first things you’re likely to notice when you start working with Jane is just how grounded and pragmatic she is — while also being quite dedicated to her work.

As an intuitive healer, Jane is absolutely passionate about helping people clear the issues that are holding them back. Jane is compassionate, caring and very nonjudgmental. She also has an amazing ability to quickly get to the deeper level of what is behind the challenges you are experiencing… even when you have no idea what the real problem is.

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You’ll Feel the Difference

A session with Jane will leave you feeling lighter, calmer, freer and happier. Not only will you gain the ability to move forward in your life, unblocked from the unseen forces that were hindering you, you may also find that you suddenly have the “headspace” and focus you need to gain clarity around other issues as well.

By spending time with Jane you may be able to release your issues, often permanently, at a deep cellular level.* You can trust Jane to always have your best interests at heart.


* Please note that clients under the care of a medical professional, for any issue, should continue to consult with their regular doctor; however, an alternative approach using quantum energy as a complement may aid in providing additional relief from your symptoms.

“I’ve often wondered if freeing an Earth-bound spirit might be the most benevolent act one could perform.”

Rayman Grace

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