Jane Phillips Can Help You

Physical and emotional pain… traumatic events… anxieties… negative thought patterns. All can have a continued impact on your life, possibly caused by the buried energetic imprints that are restricting your efforts to heal.

Jane’s services are designed to help you gently release these underlying imprints so you have space to move into your best future. She offers medical intuitive and quantum energy sessions, holistic healing therapies and psychic readings.

Improve your relationships

You may have unidentified negative energy surrounding you. These create unconscious messages which impact how others treat you. Remove them to experience healthier relationships.

Release pain, reduce anxiety attacks

Jane finds and releases the underlying issues causing these challenges, so you feel remarkably better.

Release traumatic events

Shed the emotional impact from past emotional trauma. Experience relief that is both long-lasting and profound.

Eliminate blocks, triggers or saboteurs

Jane helps you remove whatever is preventing you from reaching your goals and your full potential.

Are you ready to explore a new avenue?

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