5 Secrets To “The Secret”

By Jane Phillips

September 9, 2020

“The Secret” book was published in 2006 by Rhonda Byrne and became the subject of a movie and countless other teachings over the years. This work is all about manifesting. The basic premise of the book is that you just focus on what you want and it will easily come to you.

Over the years, I’ve personally discovered a few tricks that make the manifesting easier. Here are some of my tips.

  1. BE CLEAR on exactly what you want and, by that I mean, not only the “thing” but the feelings that you want to achieve once you get it. Will you be happier, calmer, less stressed, etc. Use a mood or picture board, if it appeals to you, to keep this goal top of mind.
  2. ELIMINATE DOUBTS about getting your “thing. Write them down and change the thoughts to positive ones. e.g. “I don’t know how I can possibly get this ….”   to “I choose to be given the ideas and resources to accomplish…. (this) easily.”
  3. DO YOUR PART. Sometimes things do just drop into our lap, however, it’s really up to us to take some steps in the direction of our dreams, even if its just doing some research or spending quiet time in focus.
  4. TURN IT OVER. After you’ve done all that you think you can, don’t give up. This is the point where I ask for help from “God” or the “Universe.” I ask for specific help such as “give me the ideas on what else I can do, or introduce me to the next person who can help me, etc.”

My crazy, amazing example:

Some of my friends know that during my divorce many years ago, I needed to find a more supportive attorney. A student friend in my psychic class had visualized me with a woman attorney… a blond-haired attorney, with a flip, who was also a mediator. (I had an assertive male attorney at the time.) A few days after that class I stood in my living room and DEMANDED, OUT LOUD, that I needed this blond attorney with no idea on how to find her in Minneapolis, a town of three million people. I had no name or any criteria other than the physical description I was given. My back was against the wall. I had only one week before I was going into a mediation session with my husband and wanted the new attorney for that.

I immediately I made some calls for advice to a couple attorneys I knew and both were unavailable so I decided to tackle my To Do list. I called my insurance agent for some business and at the end of the call, I mentioned my attorney need. She referred me to a law firm that her husband knew of – three blond-haired women attorneys!  I looked them up and… there was my BLOND-HAIRED ATTORNEY, WITH A FLIP, WHO WAS A MEDIATOR!

I found her within 2 hours of making my demands. She attended the mediation the following week and helped me finalize my divorce.

5. HAVE FAITH and don’t give up. There seems to be perfect timing for reaching our dream goals. If something is in our best interests to have or achieve, we will get it. Keep your focus and positive intention and you will be guided to the perfect outcome.

BONUS:  Let go of any expectations as to how this thing, goal, asset will come your way. You may be taken completely by surprise if you open up to the possibilities that arise. Allow inner guidance to support your journey. And good luck.

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