Conversations with Jane – April 29, 2021 – Past life connections showing up in this lifetime

By Jane Phillips

April 29, 2021



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Pamm Meyers 0:01
Good morning, everybody. I’m Pamm Meyers with Pamm Meyers Social Media. Welcome to Conversations with Jane. Jane’s Vblog that happens live on Facebook and YouTube every Thursday morning at 10:30am Mountain Time. Jane, as most of you know, is a psychic medium, a medical intuitive and a paranormal investigator. So welcome and good morning, Jane. How are you?

Jane Phillips 0:28
I’m doing well.

Pamm Meyers 0:30
Well, I wanted to… I was hoping to have a conversation this morning about a person in my life. I’ve always thought of her as Aunt June, but it turns out she’s a cousin of mine. And I had lost connection with her. But somehow she was near and dear to my heart. And I kept thinking about her over 60 years. And now we’ve just recently reconnected. She just came to visit. She has been here for a week and just left this morning. I mean, we had such a strong connection. And I have no memory, no early memories of her just a feeling. And she felt the same. So I just thought well, that’s kind of an interesting conversation to explore. I just didn’t want her to leave. I wanted her just to to stay, really.

Jane Phillips 1:38
Well, what what a gift for you that after 60 years you were able…. It was time for the Universe, God… whoever, was going to orchestrate that you could connect with her and I think you said she’s in her later 70’s. So wouldn’t want to miss the reconnection!

Pamm Meyers 1:59
Absolutely not.

Jane Phillips 2:01
If something happened to her and you didn’t connect, you had to start. When did you part company? You said you were young.

Pamm Meyers 2:12
Oh, gosh, I was probably seven years old… seven, eight years old the last time. I think that she remembers that we were in each other’s company at my Grandmother’s house in Connecticut. Yeah. So it’s been a long time.

Jane Phillips 2:29
Yep. And happened at a very young age that you felt connection.

Pamm Meyers 2:33
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And I know Yeah, I’ve thought about her, just for the past 60 years tried reaching out and finding her but didn’t really … wasn’t able to make it happen until just recently. I ran into… in a conversation with another relative. They said, “Oh, yeah, I know who you’re talking about”, and put us in touch with each other. And it’s just been great.

Jane Phillips 2:58
And and you said she felt the same way?

Pamm Meyers 3:00
She did. Yes. Yeah. So yeah.

Jane Phillips 3:05
So what what Pamm and I talked about just before we got on the air here is like, why is that? That we run into people. And the connection is just instantaneous. And sometimes it’s not positive the way yours was, sometimes it’s like, oh, I don’t want to spend any time with this person. But, in my personal experiences, I’ve had several of those, connections with people, and as I got more experienced in the work that I do, I did learn to start asking “How do I know this person?”

And so in general, for those of you listening, if you have like a really strong connection with somebody… and sometimes if it’s the opposite, you know, sex or maybe if your orientation is the same. A lot of times you can interpret it differently as beyond a friendship. But I, but I will say from experience, and because I have the ability to kind of say “Why do I have this strong, positive connection with somebody?” I believe we’ve had other lifetimes together as souls. Hmm. I was talking to Pamm a little bit before we got on the air that possibly she and her, turns out her cousin, she, they were in the same family, maybe mother and daughter, possibly twin sisters. That sort of thing. And just because you’re mother/daughter… twin sisters, doesn’t mean you have a real big connection. I do get that there may have been a romantic connection. male/female at some point in the past. But when we run into people that we have such a strong, especially the positive connection, it’s good to notice it and step back, and maybe intuitively say, “How do I know this person?” Because it sometimes these connections get misinterpreted. People, as I said, as something other than what they really are in this lifetime.

So I believe what happened to you is you were prevented from finding her for 60 years because both of you had lives to live. Different paths. And now that you were, you’re still been thinking about her, but now the time was right for the connection to come through. And what a gift to have her there for a week.

Pamm Meyers 5:47
Absolutely. Yeah, yep. Yeah,

Jane Phillips 5:51
yeah. So I’ve had in some of you may have had this too. I’ve had somebody. It was…I was in my 50s. And this guy was 21. He was a waiter at a restaurant. And I was eating out by myself in Minnesota quite a bit. And he served me and after the first time, he served me I sitting at the pizza bar by myself. And he gave me a free cup of coffee, because we got along so well, which I thought “Oh…okay.” And then, maybe a couple of weeks later, I went back to the same bar, and had dinner and he was there again, he served me. And I liked him. He was a nice person. And as I’m leaving, he says, “When are we going to see each other again?”

Pamm Meyers 6:40
Oh, wow!

Jane Phillips 6:41
And it was like, Wow, so we started…, I paid attention to that. And I got intuitively that he and I had been married in France. years ago. It was kind of an equal partnership, marriage. And we had a couple of children. And we were aristocracy. But I kind of got that picture. And so I asked, intuitively, “How long do I get to have this person in my life?” because I got that this was we wanted to connect, but we weren’t going to be together for very long as friends. And it wasn’t romantic, although it could have been felt that way. But I knew it wasn’t. And he and I would take a walk around the neighborhoods, maybe once a month, and we were on the same page on everything.

So um,

Pamm Meyers 7:33

Jane Phillips 7:34
I didn’t make it into something it wasn’t and I was told I’d have a year with him. And after a year, he moved to Costa Rica, and we tried to stay in touch. And then he got a girlfriend out in California. There was no way to stay in touch. Now our connection time was over.

Pamm Meyers 7:52
Yeah. Wow. That’s that’s an interesting story. And very similar, right? Like, I’m sure we’re not the only ones it must happen to people all the time. We just don’t always recognize, like you said, you kind of confuse it with other emotions.

Jane Phillips 8:12
You, have to feel in or you get to feel into what this is, “Is this just a really strong bond?” I had a friend in college that was male also, it was a very strong bond, but it wasn’t supposed to be a dating relationship. And I never really found out and that was back then. And I didn’t know where or how to look. But I knew we were really, really connected at a Soul level. We were probably… he was probably like, what some people call now soulmates. And he passed in 1989, during the AIDs epidemic, and I was able to be there, I hadn’t seen him for 10 years,but I intuitively got that I should go find him. I didn’t know where he was. And I found him and got to be there a few days before he passed on. And he shows up energetically in my life as a friend from the other side. Not as often, and he didn’t start showing up until maybe 15 years after he passed.

Pamm Meyers 9:13

Jane Phillips 9:15
But I’ve had those. So if you’re having, like Pamm, those cherished, reconnections. And you get that you can continue them for a while like Pamm. I’m assuming you’re going to continue yours.

Pamm Meyers 9:29

Jane Phillips 9:30
Because it’s mutual. And it’s important,

Pamm Meyers 9:33

Jane Phillips 9:35
Just just understand that these are probably people that you’re running into, that you wanted to reconnect with at this time, because it would be a really positive thing for you. And just be careful because some of these connections are so strong like yours is that you have to feel your way into it. And as I said, especially if it’s somebody that you are starting to feel maybe it romantically attached to, and maybe are that again this lifetime, but just be patient with it. Enjoy, enjoy the ride. That you got a week of somebody who hadn’t seen in 60 years, and it was just like, nothing in between,

Pamm Meyers 10:27

Absolutely. Yeah. Weird. Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. Thank you.

Jane Phillips 10:34
Well, thanks. Thanks, everybody, for listening. Just know that some of the people you’re running into have been friends before and maybe even close friends, and honor the connection for what it is right? And feel your way into it. And if for some reason, you’re finding it confusing, because some of my clients do. They’re not quite sure how to interpret it, whether it’s romantic or what, whatever it is. Feel free to reach out to me. My web site is on the screen here at and you can schedule like a 15-minute free session, just to talk it through and see if maybe I can help you with some people that are in your life or a person that you’re… it’s.. you find it confusing.. the relationship (confusing), or you’re not quite sure how to interpret it. We can have a session.

Pamm Meyers 11:27
Awesome. Thank you, everybody, for joining us this morning. Thanks, Jane.

Jane Phillips 11:34