Curses, (hexes and spells,) Oh My!

By Jane Phillips

September 16, 2020

It’s not what you think…

It’s all about the energy … and how it’s directed.  According to Raymon Grace, a gifted healer and dowser I follow, a curse is simply “an intensified negative thought form” directed at you. In my practice as a paranormal investigator and energy healer, I have found that to be true. Hexes and spells are merely different variations on the curse theme.  A curse can be as strong as “I curse you to hell and back,” or the “fuck you” energy delivered when you cut someone off on the freeway or beat them to a parking space in the crowded lot. It can also be elaborate, such as what you hear about witchcraft/black magic or voodoo. The Wiccan and Voodoo faiths both have positive supportive aspects to them, so witchcraft and voodoo spells are not necessarily evil.

Curse energy can be temporary or more long-lasting. If the person cursing you is not able to let go of the event, they will continue to send dark energy your way, long after the situation has passed.  So why does this matter? You may not even have noticed what ruffled someone’s feathers so you’re moving on with your day, oblivious to the effects of the event.  Well it does matter.  A LOT!

I attended an event, long ago, that proved to me the power of focused energy on a person. The volunteer on stage was muscle-tested using kinesiology and found to have a very strong arm (could not be pushed down) until the audience was signaled to send negative energy to the person on stage. I can’t remember the gender of the person, but I do remember being astounded to notice that when we sent a negative thought to that person (such as “you are stupid”) their arm immediately became weak and easily pushed down to their side. When we, as the audience, reversed our thinking and sent “love” to the volunteer, their arm because strong again. Wow!  (I found that even in a one-to-one situation, the sender of a negative thought would weaken the receiver of that thought.)

Thus, curse energy weakens our physical body. This can affect you in many ways:

You may

  • become more distracted (not good if you’re driving.)
  • be more likely to stumble
  • be more irritable, moody, angry, etc
  • attract more challenges throughout your day … a smooth day turns bumpy.

The bottom line, is thisBe aware of the thoughts you are sending out to others and those thoughts that are coming your way. They will always have an impact!

When you find yourself being angry or frustrated with somebody, do your best to focus on something positive so you can let go. Your negative focus entwines you in the other person’s energy field and can make matters worse. If you are the recipient of negative energy from someone, disengage from it/them as soon as you can and move on.  You can also ask Archangel Michael to help by cutting and removing any cords you have with the person affecting you.

Lastly, if you feel that you have curse energy on you that doesn’t seem to want to go away, give me a call. Many times, it will only take a 30-minute energy session to clear things up.