Ready to Release Some Limiting Beliefs?

By Jane Phillips

February 25, 2021

I recently found the following quote:

“No one changes unless they want to.

Not if you beg them

Not if you shame them

Not if you use reason, emotion and tough love.

There’s only one thing that makes you change: your own realization that you need to do it. And there’s only one time it will happen: when you decide you’re ready.”

It this you? Are you ready for a change?

Your issues may be around weight loss, financial security and abundance, relationships that always end up on a dead-end road, childhood trauma that you can’t let go of or “you name it.”

Through my practice as a Certified Medical Intuitive and Emotion Code Practitioner, I have found that while you may have the realization that something needs to change and you’re actually ready to do it, at the same time, you don’t know where to begin.

Maybe you’ve tried a bunch of things with limited success. It’s not your fault if they didn’t work or only worked partially. You probably have hidden blocks from life experiences (even past-life and ancestral experiences) and trauma that are running the show for you. When you get emotionally triggered, your body sends chemicals into your system that cause negative reactions, quite outside of your control. So, it’s not about changing your thoughts, using affirmations, or taking yet another class. It’s time to permanently remove the non-supportive agendas and “stinkin’ thinking”  hidden within your cellular memory so that you have the freedom and room to, more easily, think and act differently.

I can help. Start with one session to remove a block. And if you’re not sure exactly what that block is, we’ll discover it together.  It will be life-changing! I also highly recommend Dr. Bradley Nelson’s book “The Emotion Code” if you want to explore removing some blocks on your own. You can download the Kindle version from Amazon.


Jane Phillips



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