Release Your Potential Now

By Jane Phillips

July 22, 2020

release your potential with jane phillips

This is my first blog post. I’m excited and a bit nervous. There is so much I want to share, and I thought I should start with a bit of my journey to help us get acquainted.
Prior to 2006 I was living in Minnesota working as a mortgage loan officer – for 30 years. After burnout in the mortgage business I started looking around for things to do and decided to become a business and life coach. I was intuitively-given “release your potential” as the tagline for my business after I graduated from The Coaches Training Institute in 2006. My company name of “Geyser” was born from the nickname I was given during my first weekend of coach training.

The name and tagline have taken me a long way, and while I no longer specifically offer coaching services, I use the skills I learned in my coach training, every day, with my clients to help them learn to be their best selves… to release their potential.

After moving to Santa Fe, NM I became a Certified Medical Intuitive and psychic medium who also does paranormal investigations and energy clearings. I find that my tagline still fits perfectly. Both Geyser and release your potential imply the ability to be set free from expectations and limiting beliefs. The image of the “Old Faithful” water geyser in Yellowstone Park here in the United States reminds me of how powerful and liberated we can feel after freeing ourselves from our hidden blocks.

I’m launching a new website that more clearly shows what I’m doing to help people today. My current website will be redirected within a few days to:

Let me come along with you on your journey. I’ll work collaboratively to empower you to be your best. You deserve that and I’d love to help.

Check out my services and reach out to me for a free 15-minute consultation to see if we’d be a fit to work together. Have a beautiful day and know that you are appreciated and valued for all that you contribute to this world.

Jane Phillips, CMI/CQP/CECP
Medical Intuitive
Quantum Energy Practitioner
Emotion Code Practitioner