What negative hidden messages are you broadcasting?

By Jane Phillips

October 16, 2020

I while ago I was chatting with a friend of mine who was complaining about all the disrespect she was getting from her friends and others around her. It seemed to be a repeating pattern.  She said to me… “What’s going on? Do I have “ABUSE ME” written on my forehead!” At the time, I wasn’t sure what to tell her so I responded that I didn’t know what was happening…

In June, 2019, became certified in The Emotion Code, created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, which works with the trapped emotions we have in our cells that contribute to our physical and emotional illnesses. I have had a lot of success with this program to date so I subsequently purchased Dr. Nelson’s Body Code protocols which offer advanced healing techniques and ideas.  While exploring these new tools I ran across the idea of a broadcast message. Through my work as an emotion code practitioner I had worked with and released many negative thought patterns in my clients, but a broadcast message is apparently different. It is a vibrational frequency that is stored in the body and continually sent out, similar to a message from a radio tower. This broadcast causes us to attract people, behavior and situations that are not supportive.

There are generally two types of broadcast messages.

  1. Command messages are messages within our energy field such as Abuse Me or Ignore Me.
  2. Descriptive messages are messages that we hold about ourselves such as I’m Stupid or I’m Invisible.

Eureka!… I thought had the answer to my friend’s dilemma!  Now to test it out. 

We scheduled a one-hour session together and, using the techniques I had learned in The Emotion Code, I removed “abuse me” from her energetic field. 

What happened was amazing.  She discovered that she became immediately aware of the “friends” who were trying to abuse her. She is now able discern: whether to tolerate the situation with no emotional attachment; or whether she needs to evaluate the merits of continuing the friendship. Now, my friend has the head space to be able to decide what is her best reaction in these types of situations. Since “abuse me” is no longer part of her energy field, she’s she not attracting that energy into her life.  She’s gained back her personal power around this issue. Hurrah!

If you have a repeated pattern or patterns such as those described above, I can help. Just one session will put you on the road to empowerment. Let’s talk.  Visit my website at www.releaseyourpotentialnow.com to learn more about my practice and to schedule your session. I offer FREE 15-minute consultations.

Jane Phillips, CMI/CQP
Certified Medical Intuitive
Certified Quantum Energy Practitioner
Psychic Medium