Why aren’t we getting along?

By Jane Phillips

September 29, 2020

I’ve been getting a lot of calls lately from clients who want quick-fix support around their relationships with family, friends, lovers, spouses, etc. Relationships are tricky. And we don’t always see “eye to eye.”   Particularly difficult can be romantic ones where we took the final step to say “until death do us part” or words to that effect. I don’t claim or want to be a marriage or guidance counselor, but I’ve learned a little bit about what trips us up in our relationships with others, from personal experience and the experiences of my clients.

 Here are my top three issues.

  1. You are confident that everybody sees the world the way you do. With your set of glasses… how could they not? Thus, there’s no room to explore someone else’s perspective.
  2. You have had traumatic events in your life that create exaggerated, strong reactions when you are triggered by someone’s comments or actions. And you actually don’t seem to have control over these reactions. For some, it means you “shut down,” for others it could mean strong bursts of anger. Either way, it leaves the other person trying to guess what is going on. And you’re not able to explain it rationally any way, even if you could.
  3. You are wired to focus on the negative. I’m not sure why this is, but some of us just seem to see the “glass half-empty.” It could be experiences from childhood, repeated negative messages from our family or simply, genetic wiring.

Over a year ago, I added to my skill sets by becoming a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. It was a perfect fit for me to add this to the work I’m already doing as a Certified Medical Intuitive. Both of these practices work at the cellular level to permanently remove trapped negative memories and emotions in our bodies.

Dr. Bradley Nelson created the emotion code work several years ago and updated his book, “The Emotion Code,” in 2019. Now, having worked on over 100 clients, and multiple sessions using the emotion code, I have found this protocol to be a game changer. When you come to me for a session, you may not know exactly what’s going on, so you get to talk, and talk, and talk…  AND, I take copious notes.

What happens is that you’re bringing to light, to the surface, the memories, events, and traumas that are affecting your relationship life (or another issue), in the moment.  Your higher self then guides me to discover the events that need to be emotionally neutralized for your health. (You don’t have to re-live them, by the way!)  Releasing the emotional traumas allows you to have the head-space to figure out “what’s next” in your relationship (or issue). It’s profound, uplifting and inspiring and also fast and very effective.

And, the next best part is… you can buy Dr. Nelson’s book and learn to do some of this work for yourself, Cool, right?

There’s a lot more that I can offer you in a session, but the above is just a taste. To learn more about my work, visit my website at janecphillips.com. I do medical intuitive sessions and offer paranormal clearings of spaces and individuals. Schedule a FREE 15-minute chat to see if we would be fit to work together. I’m here to help.