You’re never alone … (nor do you die alone)

By Jane Phillips

November 19, 2020

This has been a tough year with the pandemic as a backdrop to everything that is going on. We’re pushing over 250,000 deaths from COVID-19 and yet many other people have gotten the virus and survived without even a hospitalization. I don’t know why some of our friends and family are “called home” and others aren’t, but what I do know, for sure, is that no one is alone when they die, even if their living family can’t be with them.

As a psychic medium I have the fortunate gift of being able to talk to people as they are dying and even immediately after they have died. I am able to “see” the family members and friends from the other side who are joyously waiting for their return. I’m offering this blog as a way to offer comfort to those of you who have lost a loved-one to the virus. It’s hard… it’s heart-wrenching … and I want you to know that the person you lost was never alone at the end.

My Mother died in 2007 surrounded by; her best friend, Jane who died of cancer 10 years earlier, her favorite grandfather, Thomas, her Mother and my living brother and me. She’d been ready to go for a year and I realized that her time had come when she was hospitalized and Thomas showed up in my car to let me know he was waiting for her. She was only hospitalized for one day and the hospital, for her, was the exact place she would have wanted to be in at the end. It was peaceful.

Hospitals today are not as peaceful now as back then, yet I know that our loved ones are still being taking care of by the friends and family who have passed on, as well as by the dedicated doctors and nurses in the facility. I’ve witnessed it countless of times. When we’re going through the dying process, we often leave our body temporarily and travel about visiting friends and places we cherished to say “good bye.” This helps to temporarily relieve the suffering we’re going through.

So even if you are not being allowed to visit when your family member is in the hospital, you can take some time each day to connect with them mentally. Sit quietly in a chair and send them love. Talk to them in your mind. They will “hear” you. And know that even though you’re not with them, they are not alone.

A friend of mine lost her husband to Alzheimer’s last week. He actually was diagnosed with COVID but recovered within 10 days and tested negative, just before he died. My friend had not been able to visit since March, until just before he passed, when his nursing facility allowed her one last visit for as long as she wanted. She stayed 24-hours and then came home. He died the following morning.

For the several weeks prior to his death, he would, mentally, tell me he was trying to “figure it out.” (I took that to mean, how do you separate from your body.) A couple of weeks ago he said, that he’d almost gotten it figured-out. And last Monday, I heard him say “I got it!” 

He died in the early morning several days later. While I was visiting in the kitchen with his wife that morning, he showed up. “I’m here… I’m here… I DID IT!”, he shouted proudly. “This is so cool. You can be everywhere and anywhere at the same time.” He was free, at last.

I’m not sure how to end this… However, if you are losing, or have lost, a loved-one to COVID-19 or any other tragic disease, please know that they are getting all of the support possible from not only the medical facility, but from the other side as well. Have faith that all-will-be-well. I have seen that it will be.

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